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List of Text Scores:

Memory Walk: Using transcribed stories sourced from the participants, participants are conducted to create one of four sounds:

  1. Memory Material

  2. Any Sound

  3. A Single Tone

  4. Clap

Diamond Rays: Each participant starts on a single tone, with the intention of filling the room with as thick and dense of a sound as possible. Upon taking a breathe, the participant pauses to hear the sound of the room, then introduce a new tone.

It Really Do Be Like That Sometimes/Primary Succession: A single participant starts by making any sound they desire. Other participants then begin to imitate that sound, until someone decides to introduce a new sound. Participants can then imitate that sound or introduce a new sound of their own.

Conway’s Game of Life: Participants stand in a circle and identify three people they will watch throughout the game. On the downbeat, participants begin by deciding whether they will clap on the first beat of the game. Simulating logic gates, players are activated and inactivated by the number of people in their ‘set of three’ that are clapping. If one or two are clapping, then that participant claps on the next beat. If zero or all three are clapping, the participant is inactivated and does not clap. Participants can introduce whatever rhythm they chose while they are actively clapping.

Environmental Dialogue: Participants sit quietly and listen to the sounds of their environment. They are tasked to notice which sounds emerge first, and which sounds seem to emerge from the silence as they become more sensitive to the acoustic environment.

Feedback Loop: Standing in a close circle, one participant begins by singing a phrase or note. The player to their right (or left) then imitates this phrase, beginning the feedback loop. Once the phrase returns to the originator, that participant can begin to change it, sending a new ripple of sound around the loop.

Biomimicry: Participants use their voices and bodies to imitate the sounds of noisy electronic music.