Possible Relations is a show dedicated to the concept of subjectification and liveness. The show was a two-day long performance, in which sound artists and a compositional algorithm performed sets while hidden in a space within an art opening. The performers created sounds in response to images and sounds coming from within the gallery. The effect of the setup was to raise useful questions for both performers and attendees about the contextual definition of live performance. Breaking with the traditional model in which energy flows from the performer to the audience, this setup created a more open and distributed relational structure between the audience, musicians, art objects and machines.

The show is emblemized by dragons - fearsome and other yet the subject of fantasy and fetish. We document the trade of dragons on Ebay to recall the ways in which human lives are still treated as commodities. In response, the show elevates the subjectivity and liveness of the objects and audience by enacting its unique relational paradigm.

Our curation of the sound-artist collaborators reflects this ideal. Inclusion of underrepresented identities and artists from across levels of expertise was essential.