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Hi. My name is Matthew Cicero Weisberg. I am a composer and teacher working in New York City. I am pursuing an M.F.A. in Sonic Arts from Brooklyn College and obtained a B.S. in Computational Biology from Brown University. My sonic practice uses mixed media performance to explore the boundary between human and machine. At present I am developing singing feedback objects and designing improvisational singing games for group performance. Projects like these reflect my investment in sound art a a tool for individual intellectual exploration and communal growth. This investment extends into my curatorial work and activism: I work with sound in order to connect with people, and to ask what it means to be a person in the digital age.

In addition to my sound practice, I am a professional biology, urban gardening and nutrition educator. I have worked with BioBus, NY Sunworks, El Garden, Project EATS and the Children’s Aid to empower New York City communities through hands-on educational experiences. I offer group and private classes to teach community members how to create, grow and eat.