Hi. My name is MJ Cicero Weisberg. I am a composer and teacher working in New York City. I am pursuing an M.F.A. in Sonic Arts from Brooklyn College and obtained a B.S. in Computational Biology from Brown University.


My sonic practice uses mixed media performance to explore the boundary between human and machine. At present I am developing a gesture-mapping extension for trumpet that transforms animated performance gestures into musically meaningful audio processing and designing improvisational singing games for group performance. Projects like these reflect my investment in sound art a a tool for individual intellectual exploration and communal growth. This investment extends into my curatorial work and activism: I work with sound in order to connect with people, and to ask what it means to be a person in the digital age.


In addition to my sound practice, I am a professional biology, urban gardening and nutrition educator. I have worked with BioBus, NY Sunworks, El Garden, Project EATS and the Children’s Aid to empower New York City communities through hands-on educational experiences. I offer group and private classes to teach community members how to create, grow and eat.